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With the opening of F45 Training in Waterside last September, we have access to a real game-changing workout.

Although it is new to this area of Fort Worth, F45 Training is a global phenomenon that’s won the world over since its founding in Sydney, Australia in 2012—celebs included. According to Fast Company, “The company’s marketing focuses on sports stars such as NBA players or fitness influencers like Paige Hathaway. But its main celebrity is investor and chief F45 enthusiast Mark Wahlberg.”


But why all the fuss?

  1. For one thing, it works.

Based on testimonials from around the globe, people see quick results, and absolutely love the process. One search for F45 results will give you an eye-full of inspiring before-and-afters.

It works because you’re burning large amounts of calories, explains Women’s Health magazine: “How many calories do you burn doing F45? Well, that depends on how hard you work, and it’s important to remember calorie burn is unique. If you give it your all, the short answer is: loads. One WH staffer’s heart rate monitor once recorded 700 calories in a 45 minute session.”

F45 Training

(Source F45 Training)

  1. It is predictable, yet not boring.

This program is predictable, in a sense, where you do the same type of 45-minute workout on the same days of the week every week. This is true for all the F45 gyms around the world, which leads you to know what to expect, but it’s still very challenging and keeps you on your toes! Here’s the schedule:

  • Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays are always Cardio workouts
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays are always Resistance-based workouts
  • Saturdays are always Hybrid workouts

But it’s not boring.

As F45 Training explains, “With more than 2,700 exercises and 36 workouts in our database, you’ll never take the same class twice.”

F45 Training offers so many fun courses with interchangeable moves that you’ll never get bored. And they’ve maximized each workout for efficiency so you know your time is well-spent. See all class descriptions.


(Source F45 Training)

  1. It’s quick. It’s scheduled.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes going to the gym feels like getting caught in a time warp. At F45, they promise to get you in and out and be done with your workout in 45 minutes. Members also love not having to think about their routine — you just show up and do the work.

You’ll schedule your workouts using the Mindbody app for each week. F45 Training Waterside Fort Worth offers seven classes each weekday starting at 5:00 a.m. and several weekend classes.

Booking it — making it a regular of their schedules — is cited as many members’ ability to maintain their commitment to the workout.


  1. You feel highly supported and engaged.

This is where F45 enthusiasts sing the biggest praises. The commitment and excitement in the F45 community is uncommon. It is truly a family and accountability is the main priority.

The key is a deeply supportive and fun environment: Every class is led by trainers who not only help you through tough moments, but also let you know that you’re doing it right!

According to Women’s Health magazine, “Even if you’ve never done a squat in your life, don’t be intimidated by F45. Each class is led by expert trainers who walk you through every exercise, and correct your form as needed during the workout.”

You may wonder: ‘How will I know what to do if a trainer is not near?’ They also keep the current move on repeat on screens around the room so you never feel lost.

And, every class ends with high-fives all around. Sound a little too involved for you? Turns out, people really love this level of engagement.

F45 Training

(Source: F45 Training)

“If you’ve ever taken part in an F45 Training workout, you know that it’s more than the exercises you do, the music in the studio or the equipment that defines the experience and keeps members coming back for more,” as noted on the F45 blog.

“It’s a true sense of inclusion and community—which all of the above feed into—that ultimately creates something that lasts longer than the 45 minutes spent in the studio. F45 members get the feeling that they’re part of something bigger and that they belong.”


  1. It strengthens your body for real-life activities.

F of F45 is for functional. This means the exercises are focused on strengthening everyday movements that you use in real life. You don’t use just your biceps to pick up your baby, for example; you use multiple muscle groups to do this type of everyday activity.

The F45 workout focus on whole-body movements — think lifting, pushing, pulling, squatting — that provide your full body balanced strength.

You’ll get a healthy mix of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training, and functional training every week.