Waterside sits in the center of it all, at the intersection of Bryant Irvin Rd. and Arborlawn Dr., on the shores of the Trinity River and Trinity Trails. Here you will find amenities such as free wifi, public restrooms, public art, bocce ball and more.


Bryant Irvin and Arborlawn Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76109


Where do I park?

There is abundant surface parking available around your favorite stores and restaurants and a covered parking garage located underneath/behind REI off Arborlawn Dr. Additionally, there are three reserved spots near Taco Diner for expectant mothers and wounded warriors.

Are you handicapped accessible?

Yes, there are handicap reserved parking spaces and ramps to sidewalks and stores throughout the center. An elevator is in the underground garage to help you easily reach The Grove.

What is The Grove and where is it located?

The Grove is a park-like oasis located in the center of the development, open for the public to enjoy all day, every day. To reach it, take pathways near Taco Diner and Whole Foods Market and walk towards the river.

What are your hours?

Each store and restaurant has their own hours, so please consult them individually for details.

Do you have free wi-fi?

Yes, free public wi-fi is available in all common areas such as The Grove and outside tenant stores. Just find us and connect!

Can I enjoy food and beverages in The Grove?

Feel free to order take out from one of our many tenants or bring food, beer and wine from Whole Foods Market out into The Grove to enjoy. You can ask for a special Red Solo cup from the bar inside Whole Foods Market to take your beverage outdoors. Please, don’t drink and drive.

Are there restrooms in The Grove?

Yes, there are public restrooms available in between the water cistern and the “Sorry, No Social Media” sign.

Are you serious about the “Sorry, No Social Media” sign?

It’s art! We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we hope you enjoy the ironic message of this artwork. Post away and tag us waterside_fw on Instagram and #watersidefw!

Do you have a playground for children?

We have incorporated many pieces of old playground equipment from LMRA into public art pieces, which can cause confusion, but are not meant to be climbed on, but appreciated. We welcome your children on our grassy knolls and wobble boards, or to play a game of bean bag toss or bocce ball. The chalk board is also a great outlet for children’s creativity! Please do not leave your children unattended. Any damage caused by your child will be subject to reimbursement.

Can you reach the Trinity Trails from Waterside?

Yes! Go through the Grove, then across Watercourse Drive and you will see a gravel trail that leads down to the Trinity River and the trails.

Can I host events at Waterside?

If you are a non-profit and looking for a high exposure location to share your message, raise money, or collect donations, please reserve our Community Promotion Shed. If you would like to use The Grove for a private event, please visit our reservations page to inquire.


Due to safety and privacy concerns, Waterside prohibits the operation or use on or above the Waterside property of unmanned aerial systems, or drones, by the general public— including model aircraft by recreational users and hobbyists—without the prior written authorization from Waterside management. This prohibition includes drones used for filming or videotaping, as well as any drone use by media or journalists operating above or within the area boundaries. This prohibition extends to any devices launched or operated from Waterside property, as well as any launched from private property outside of the Waterside boundaries. Please contact a Marketing or Management representative at (817) 509-4170 or via our website contact feature if you have any questions or if you seek prior authorization to operate any such devices. Any authorized operation of drones on or above Waterside property will be governed by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations, and/or local law enforcement, and / or rules, as well as those policies separately established by Waterside, which may include certification, training, insurance coverage, indemnification requirements, and waivers or releases of liability. Any violation of this policy may involve expulsion from the property as well as confiscation of prohibited equipment, and may subject violators to any liability for damages, including, but not limited to, damages for trespass, violations of privacy, and physical injuries to persons and/or property, as well as legal fees. For more information please reference the Texas Government Code.