Chain Store Age
Written by: Al Urbanski

Last years’ Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, a music and dance fest with rides, drew 130,000 young people on its final day. This summer, Billy Joel will play his 43rd sellout concert at Madison Square Garden, where floor tickets sell in the $200 range. No matter their age or inclination, people still want to leave their laptops and homes behind and be with other people. They just need someone to give them a really good reason to do it.

Nine out of 10 retail purchases still take place in malls, and the retail venues that make good on that challenge will win the lion’s share of that bounty. In the interests of both innovation and inspiration, Chain Store Age thought it was time to single out the venues that put a capital “E” in “experiential” with 10 great examples.

#6. Waterside, a Conscious Place

Trademark Property has so much faith in its new-age experiential concept that it’s branded it. Conscious Place, which takes its cue from the conscious workplace initiative, is defined as an “experiential center of commerce, community, and meaning that seeks to host, inspire, educate and connect community stakeholders.” Waterside, situated alongside the Trinity River in Fort Worth, is Trademark’s first go at the concept, and it’s all-in.

Design and leasing were driven with input from locals. Furniture, games, and art on the grounds were created by local artisans. Micro-restaurants support local entrepreneurs. Mindful of ecology, a 6,600-gallon cistern collects rainwater used for irrigating the project’s green space, shaded by heritage oaks and housing a Community Pavilion.

“We believe the bar has been raised and developers must deliver much more in the future,” said Trademark CEO Terry Montesi.